Tim Bishop

Welcome. Thanks for dropping by.

You’re going to find a lot of different things in here that I hope makes your visit worthwhile. I’m not going to tell you a lot about me, I’d rather let the songs and stories speak for themselves. If you have a read and a bit of a listen you’ll get a picture of a man and his life. Well that man is me.

I come from Albury on the Murray River and was reared around open fires and kitchen tables. From the loss of my partner in 1995 I began writing songs and stories. It was where I placed my grief. Since then life has rolled on as it does and there’s been a life to live. Best piece of advice I’ve ever been given, “You just got to keep going.” From this place, where I found my skill, I have continued to write.

I’m a lyric based singer-songwriter, a short story writer and I produce audio works of my words for broadcast. I am thankful to have a voice that can sing these words, speak them or leave them in silence, to be read. I write, perform, teach, share and I listen.

I hope you find your way around easily in here. Just go clicking and see where it takes you. It’s early days for me with this site and it will grow over time. Along the way I’d love to hear what you think. Some of the work isn’t yet fully realised, most of it is. Some songs are still eager to be recorded and stories busting to be written.

Anyway. Enjoy. Please do. And feel free to drop me a line. “Ya’ all come back now, you hear?” I look forward to that.