Young man making his way
He’s only a boy but the boy died away
Never knew lovin nor learnin nor playin
“Dirty little – “
All he hears, that’s all they’re sayin
Young man

Jarjum born his mothers way
Took to the breast, bottle got in the way
Dubay Lullaby round a backyard fire
No need to worry, law thought it was wiser

To give him fourteen homes
That’s fourteen places
And an endless change of names and sea of faces
Took him away from his mob
Took him away from being who he was
A young man, young man

Young man, young man

Young girl steal his heart away
and give him what you got
What he’s never known, show him your ways (black girl)
Show him your lovin, your learnin your playin
Show him all he’s more than what they’ve been sayin (young girl)
Young girl

Old man step in the way
And slap him in the face
Make him hear what you got to say
Tell him what he’s got and what he hasn’t
Where he’s headin and why he shouldn’t
How it was and why it isn’t
How it could be and how it should be
One Fine day

One day, one day, one fine day

White man take a step away
And save some talk of reconciliation
For another day
This is time to mend and time to heal
A time to grieve and a time to feel
A time to yell for the pain inside
And a time to know all that’s been denied
White man, take a step away
And remember the young man

Young man, young boy, young girl

Young man making his way
He’s only a boy but the boy died away, the boy died away

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