This fun song, composed in the tradition of 12 bar blues with a rock edge to it, stays true to the blues using a local story and local colloquialisms. It was written as a music assignment at Eora College for the Arts. This song was the beginning of a great friendship between me and Rhubee Neale, who sings on the track and helped develop the story. Rhubee is a proud Anmatyerre woman from North West of Alice Springs and is a great songwriter herself. We are both very proud that this was the first track recorded at the studio at Redfern Community Centre.

words, T Bishop & R Neale
music, T Bishop


4 Responses to “Goin’ to Waterloo – song”

  1. Mish

    Haha! Fun song about the local area & great to hear Rhubee’s voice again, too. Love the cover art image of the towers. You’ve done a really lovely job with your website, Tim.

    • Tim Bishop

      Thanks for dropping by Mish. Very pleased that you enjoyed your visit and that you like my site. Hope to see you in here again sometime.

  2. Rhubee Neale

    Thank you for asking me to be apart of your amazing Journey. It was so much fun sing and recording going to Waterloo , a memory I will treasure all my life. Lots love Your Proud Anmatjerr Sister in song from Alice Springs . Your friendship I hold in my heart always . I’m so proud of you Tim.

    • Tim Bishop

      It was great fun working on this project with you Rhubee, very fond memories of beginning a new, eternal friendship with you. We did good! And I so treasure to have come to know Letty through our friendship. I often think of her, urging me on. I’m sure she’s still at it with you too! Love you longtime. xTim.


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