Lucy is a poem written by Maureen Clifford inspired by a photo of my beloved girl that I posted on the internet. In Maureen’s words,

This photo drew me to it like a magnet – I can’t explain why. It was more than just because I am a dog person – the photo had a power, a presence which spoke to me of rivers, and wide open country acres, spinifex grass and mulga. It continued to draw me to it until I wrote a poem for Lucy to give to Tim. Unbeknown to me, Tim recorded my poem. He has a wonderful voice and there is so much emotion in his reading that it brought me to tears, and I wrote the darn thing! With the assistance of Chris ‘Savvy’ Savill they then set Lucy to music – with wonderful background effects – and best of all in the distance you can hear the real Lucy barking – she sounds pretty happy. The piano is played by Connie Scivoletto, an original piece.

I love this poem so much and can’t thank Maureen enough for the joy it brings me every time I listen.

Lucy at menindee1Lucy at menindee2Lucy at menindee4Lucy at menindee5











These photographs of Lucy were taken at Menindee Lakes, Western NSW. Of an evening we’d go down to the shoreline to take in the stunning sunsets over the lake. While I watched the sun go down, she’d watch the fish jump up! Couldn’t take her eyes off them. Funnier thing was, any evening I didn’t go down, she’d take herself. She pretty quickly got to know that the sun going down was the cue for when the fish would jump. She was fascinated by them – as you can see.

images ©TJBishop all rights reserved

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  1. Rhubee Neale

    I met Lucy when I met Tim at EORA TAFE, Lucy has such a beautiful Soul. R.I.P beautiful Lucy. What a beautiful Tribute Tim.


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