This monologue sits at the core of my songs and stories.  First delivered to an audience as a live reading at a Pride Centre, Performance Positive event in 1997, I have kept this story closest to me over the years.

I knew from sharing this story as a live reading that My Man and Me would work well for radio. Although quite an intimate story of a most personal experience, I believe it says important things to share.

My Man and Me was first broadcast to a Sydney radio audience on FBI Radio, All the Best, in May 2013 for Reconciliation Week. In February of 2014 the story was shared nationally on ABC Radio National, Sounds Like Radio.

The radio broadcast of My Man and Me proudly achieved being short listed as a finalist for an Australian Human Rights Awards in 2014 for outstanding contribution to the advancement of human rights in Australia.

Produced by Tim Bishop and Belinda Lopez.

5 Responses to “My Man and Me – spoken”

  1. Kenny

    This story was painfully difficult for me to digest in one sitting, so I broke it up into chunks. Memories and imagery from my own past surfaced from their depths. Reading along during the monologue shaped a sense of completeness to a very moving story, if not a therapeutic one. This was a difficult story for you to tell, and I thank you that you did.

    • Tim Bishop

      Thank you Kenny, you’re very welcome and I am sorry for your hurt. This is a story that some turn away from but it’s out there to do good. I’m glad you took the task to read along, and that you took it in steps. A great way to approach it. I can hear that the life experiences in the story resonate strongly with you. These are shared experiences after all. Looking back, it was brave of me to tell this story but I did because I thought it was important to tell. I appreciate your acknowledgement of this. Thank you.

  2. Anthea

    Hi Tim, I found you through Theme Foundry site searching for to see how other people use various themes for a guest blog post I’m in the middle of writing. I liked what I saw and stopped for awhile, never expecting to hear a raw and poignant story, which comments as much on love as it does on Australian society and captures the story-telling magic of writers like Tim Winton.
    When it is this personal though it is gutsy and very healing for others who have loved and lost. I’m glad you let the story travel.

    • Tim Bishop

      Hello Anthea. Thank you for taking the time to stop for awhile, to have a look around and a listen to this story and for your heart warming response. I love it when people respond, to hear how my stories have landed and the little contributions that sharing my stories may have made in someone else’s life. Very much appreciated. All the best with your blogging. I will go check you out. Theme Foundry are great and I love the simplicity of this theme. They all have limitations but the real skill is in making the best use of a theme’s capabilities, keeping it clean and simple. Thank you Anthea and i wish you all the best with your work.


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