All in a morning’s walk. A mix of images with sound from my trip back out to ‘Pinjaroo’ in April, 2015.
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The sound bed of the birds is one take, early on a chilly Autumn morning at the dead end of a farmer’s laneway.
Enjoy. Comments most welcome.

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May 2015

5 Responses to “Pinjarootoo”

  1. Kenny

    Hi Tim,

    Gorgeous scenery, Tim, and the birds signing about made me wish I was there. Someday, perhaps. I’m glad to see you made it out to Pinjarootoo for a walk.

    • Tim Bishop

      Good to hear from you Kenny. Thanks for your comment. I’m sure your neck of the woods is pretty beautiful. Hope your enjoying the Spring time up there.

  2. Brett Monaghan

    what a trip of memory. That was awesome Tim. I am sitting at work with all its stresses and I opened this page. Thanks for taking me on a journey to a beautiful and calming place.

  3. Tim Bishop

    Many thanks for the views and responses. Taking some time out is what it’s all about. Happy to have provided pleasure.


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