Drivin’ up across this land
Sun in his eye, wheel in his hand
Head straight ahead, the smile’s for me
Falls down my heart and sets me free

And I look over my shoulder
We’re not going very fast
“Car comin’ round you now
You better let it past”
We’ll be there tomorrow
If we’re not there by today
We’re takin it slow
Real slow

The rivers, bridges, trees, the breeze
Swims round my head, he sees the sea
On Macksville Bridge that feeling starts
Comin’ in home, it’s not that far

And he says, “Roll another”
And I reach into the tin
Winding up the windows
Taking cover from the wind
Light it first and pass it on
Another for the road
We’re takin it slow
Real slow

The cane fires higher, that time of year
Tears flood his memories, he knows why he’s here
It pulls him back, he takes me too
We’re pullin in now, last drive is through

And we cross the Richmond River
The bridge is down, we’re there
Turning off, check out the pub
There’s Big Girl on the chair
Thumpin’ down the Island Road
We’re tired and couldn’t care
Cos we’re there
And we’ve takin’ it slow
Real slow

Can’t fly me higher
Can’t drive me no more wild
Can’t fly me higher
Can’t drive me no more wild

Here’s a recording of the track that gives you the idea of the song. It’s the first song I wrote (1995) and is very special to me. It takes me back to some of the best times of my life, driving that road from Sydney the North Coast. The strumming and the rhythm is emulating the rhythm of bouncing along in the old 4 cylinder EH that used to ‘miss’ every now and then. I used to practise this song driving along using the car’s engine and the blinker as my accompaniment. I would love to take this song into production. (Recorded and mixed by Ted Rudduck) Thanks Ted.

All Rights Reserved
words and music, Tim Bishop